[wpkg-users] WKPG host identification problem

adrianorossi1991 at libero.it adrianorossi1991 at libero.it
Sat Apr 12 01:18:28 CEST 2014

Hi everybody,

I would like to use wpkg inside my network (all type of windows versione from 
XP to 8) to deploy some software. I've tested wpkg inside my VM enviroment 
I've some problem with the host identification. 
I'm sure that I've a problem with a identification hosts because I've 
implement this test:

1) use inside the hosts.xml the name of the local machine and the wpkg 
correctly the software (in details dia software);
2) use the hosts.xml the name of my second machine but i've recive this 
message error: "Unable to find any matching host definition!"

I followed all indication inside the website like verify the users rights to 
access the share directory with installer and network connection beetween 
client and server. Also both machine have the same local user with 
administrative rights. In additional I've add inside the file "hosts" of the 
server the static association for the client machine so I'm sure that is not 
DNS problem.

Someone could give me some advice?

Have a nice day

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