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adrianorossi1991 at libero.it adrianorossi1991 at libero.it
Thu Apr 24 19:38:27 CEST 2014

Hi Stefan,

thank you very much for your answer. I've tried to implement your suggestion 
but I've continues to have a problem to install the package inside the client.

I've following the guide but I've still have the same problem.
Someone who using the wpkg normally can send me as many examples as possible 
maybe with the correct configuration files so I'll can reproduce inside my 

An additional question: I'm a system administrator and I can't verify directly 
inside every pc the installation. How I can monitoring the correct deployment 
inside the client. Where is something to use to verify the state of art of the 

Thank you very much

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>Am 12.04.2014 18:57, schrieb adrianorossi1991 at libero.it:
>> Hi Dad,
>> thank you very much for your answer.
>> I've implemented a lot of test without success. I'm sending you a zip 
>> attached with this file:
>> 1) hosts.xml (with the client definitions);
>> To install I've use this command: cscript wpkg.js /synchronize /debug
>> 2) local_pc.log (the success install inside the server pc);
>> 3) remote_pc.log (the error install inside the client);
>> 4) settings.xml (client settings)
>> I've verify the "Test settings" inside the Client and I've received 
>> all [OK]. Also I've verified that inside the client I could find "WPKG 
>> Service". It's correct that only the Server version has a service?
>I would not use the deprecated "name" attribute, since it is a catch all 
>attribute for IPs and host names.
>The new "hostname" attribute is much better, since it only checks the 
>hosts name.
>There is now a separate attribute for checking only against IPs which is 
>the "ip" attribute.
>Another thing is that the host name is not formated like a regular 
>expression, so you need to escape the hyphen (-) with a backslash (\) => 
>"\-", else it would be interpreted as a range from "a" to "8".
>Stefan P.
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