[wpkg-users] Flash 16 ActiveX Plugin

Jon Rhoades jrhoades at svi.edu.au
Mon Dec 15 06:01:54 CET 2014

Just testing Flash 16 on Windows 8 and it was failing with an error code of 1031 (install_flash_player_16_active_x.exe" /install). When I run the package interactively, the installer gives me the message "Your MS IE includes the latest version of Flash installed. Windows Updates will inform you blah blah..." 

This is somewhat vexing as, per the wiki, I'm using the same package for XP/Win7/Win8 and for IE/FFox. 

Does anybody have a clever solution before I split the packages up? 

Regards Jon 

Jon Rhoades 
Research Information Systems 
Eastern Hill Academic Centre 
(Incorporating The University of Melbourne Departments of Medicine, Surgery and Clinical School (St.Vincents), St Vincent's Institute and O'Brien Institute) 

St Vincent's Institute 
9 Princes St Fitzroy Vic 3065 
p: 03 9288 2399 | f: 03 9416 2676 


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