[wpkg-users] WPKG-GP file modification date comparison fail

Pete Boyd petes-lists at thegoldenear.org
Wed Jul 2 10:53:16 CEST 2014

Bumping this in the hope someone can help please. I posted this to the
wpkg-gp mailing list too and didn't get a reply there either. Thanks.

On 11/06/2014 10:21, Pete Boyd wrote:
> Hi. I have an issue where I compare 2 files based on their modification
> date, WPKG-GP gets a modification date of the current time rather, than
> the actual modification date the file has:
> Using WPKG-GP on Windows 7, I have a package that just deploys the
> WPKG-GP config file. I do a modification date comparison of the config
> file between the version in the Program Files directory and the version
> I deploy, using:
> <check type="file" condition="datemodifyequalto"
> path="%PROGRAMFILES%\Wpkg-GP\Wpkg-GP.ini"
> value="@%SOFTWARE%\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-GP.ini"/>
> I do this the same way for Firefox and Thunderbird config files and they
> work fine. However WPKG-GP's doesn't work because of the following:
> "Reading last modification date of 'C:\Program Files\Wpkg-GP\Wpkg-GP.ini'.
> Reading file modification date of reference file
> '\\server\windows-admin\wpkg\packages\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-GP.ini'.
> Reading last modification date of
> '\\server\windows-admin\wpkg\packages\wpkg-gp\Wpkg-GP.ini'.
> Modification date of file 'C:\Program Files\Wpkg-GP\Wpkg-GP.ini' is Tue
> Jun 10 16:16:24 UTC+0100 2014 which isn't equal to the comparison date
> Thu May 15 11:25:20 UTC+0100 2014 check failed."
> It is getting the modification date of the present moment at which it
> has just copied the file, which surely is wrong? When I look on disk,
> both files have the same last modification date and creation date. The
> file in Program Files does not have this modification date of the
> present moment.
> Has anyone any idea what's going on please?
> Thanks

Pete Boyd

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