[wpkg-users] java8

Koch, Stefan Koch at protema.de
Tue Apr 7 15:20:07 CEST 2015

Hello @all,

i hope i don´t SPAM all People her.

Have someone a solution for JAVA install code?

That is the code

<install architecture="x64" cmd='\\PATH\jdk-8u40-windows-x64.exe /s STATIC=0 AUTO_UPDATE=0 WEB_JAVA=0 REBOOT=0'>

So it will be install JAVA but it install also more Compenents like Java Development Kit.
I only want to install java + javax64 without Compenents .

In PDFCreator I can create a .inf file for the userinstallation but in Java not :(

Have someone an idea?
In WPKG the use a .msi file .... I use a .exe file

Thanks for help
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