[wpkg-users] How to run wpkg synchronize with all the settings as it gets started after windows boot via gpo ?

Ingo Arndt arndt.i at sps-berlin.de
Tue Apr 28 12:18:47 CEST 2015


is it possible to invoke wpkg.js (wpkg-gp 0.17_x64) via a scheduled task 
with all the settings as they are stored in the 
%Programfiles%\wpkg-gp.ini file
as it is done during/after windows startup by GPO ?

I am looking for a solution to be able to silenty run wpkg synchronize 
on different machines via configured scheduled tasks without
caring about their currently active wpkg settings/paths.
I just want to use their current configuration and not manually specify 
the %software% path as I have to do when manually running "wpkg.js 

Thank you,


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