[wpkg-users] Frontend/GUI/Software center a la munki

Falko Trojahn wpkg at trojahn.de
Fri Dec 4 16:08:13 CET 2015

Hello out there,

I'm wondering if anybody has seen/created something for Windows/Wpkg
like this tool for Munki/OS X:


We are using this "Managed software center" for our Apple users,
so they can install optional software packages as needed. The user
doesn't need admin rights but can choose from offered programs
according to it's business/group.

The admin is nethertheless able to distribute the updates centrally.

I think this could be quite interesting, as wpkg has this functionality
for local install/remove, at least.

Perhaps ChocolateyGui is comparable:

But of course I'd like to use something like that on top of wpkg ...

Thanx for you hints

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