[wpkg-users] office 2013 package+ The parameter is incorrect

Chris Johnson cjohnson at welfarecall.com
Wed Dec 16 13:05:31 CET 2015

Any reason why you're running cmd and start as part of your installation command? Can't you just run the setup.exe command on its own?

<install cmd= " %comspec% /C start /WAIT  %exe-source%\setup.exe /adminfile %msp-source%\myoffice2013.msp"   timeout="0">


<install cmd= "%exe-source%\setup.exe /adminfile %msp-source%\myoffice2013.msp"   timeout="0">

That's where I'd start. Then you can see if the "incorrect parameter" is for cmd, for start or for the setup.exe. Helps narrow it down.


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