[wpkg-users] wpkg.org impossible to download wpkg-1.3.1

Falko Trojahn wpkg at trojahn.de
Tue Dec 22 22:26:42 CET 2015


>> You don't have permission to access
>> /files/stable/1.3.x/wpkg-1.3.1-bin.zip on this server.
>> """
> I can confirm this.
> The same holds true for any other download on this page.
> Could an admin please check permissions?
> If we want wpkg to prosper and grow, this would be easier if downloads
> were possible...   ;-)

Well, that's really strange, but in the meantime you can
get the files from here:


Another way is to get the files directly from svn:


while current development seems to be here:


Best regards

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