[wpkg-users] How to track the overall installation progress?

Holger Kröber kroeber at biom.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Feb 17 21:07:55 CET 2015


what can i do to track the overall installation progress? E.g. when i 
deploy package x,
after three days i want to know, how many computers (e.g 20 of 44) have 
successfully (or not) installed this package.
I already put the wpgk-logfiles on a network share, but these logfiles 
are not suitable for this kind of task (to much information, to hard to 
extract the information etc).
One logfile for each package and each computer would be great, like 
this: "Computer1-PackageX-Success.log" or
"Computer1-PackageY-ERROR.log". This way, i would have a quick overview 
and the name of the logfile is enough information, no need to write 
content to the logs.
How you guys handle this?

Thank you,
H. Kröber

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