[wpkg-users] Software directory variable question

Nils Thiele it.service.kultur at uni-hamburg.de
Wed Jan 14 12:28:55 CET 2015

Im using a profile that sets the variable SOFTWARE which is the software 
directory for the packages.

<profile id="parameter">
	<variable name="SOFTWARE" value="\\\wpkg\soft"/>

In the last days i created a special hotspot for mobile devices so they 
can connect easily to the wpkg server with me not having to to register 
them to the network ports in my office which always takes 10-20 min 
until the device is accepted in my subnet.
So to speed up things with those device i created a access point using a 
WLAN Stick on the same machine that hosts wpkg.

But the accesspoint hosts its own little network with another ip range 
(10.10.0.X) so my software variable wont work in this network.
Of course i can add another variable for this specific network and add 
that to the mobile profiles but i wont be using only this one in the 
future either.

Now i was wondering if there is a way to check what path to use for the 
ping wont work because the address of the server is reachable from the 
but if it could check its own ip and see if its start with 10.10 or 
192.168 it could work.

Anyone done something like this before?



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