[wpkg-users] SVN Contributing

Rainer Meier r.meier at wpkg.org
Wed Mar 25 17:42:54 CET 2015

Hi Justin and all,
On 25.03.2015 16:35, Justin Bennett wrote:
> Could anyone that has contributed to the mainline point me in the direction of
> an any for the WPKG project’s guidelines, if any, for submitting changes? Not
> sure when cycles for releases or development cycles.

At the moment you can send contributions as diff files or provide updated wpkg 
code sniplets to the list or one of the contributors.
Some discussion or cleanup/standardization might happen before code is included.

I am sorry that I didn't respond to your initial personal mail yet but I 
currently don't have resources to do any code updates on WPKG.

As I understood you did some work on WPKG regarding reboot of machines.
I am interested to see the modifications. Especially since wpkg.js actually is 
not supposed to initiate any reboots but rather terminate with proper exit codes 
(3010 indicating request to reboot to wpkg-client or calling entity).


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