[wpkg-users] Using variables and their value

Will Aoki waoki at umnh.utah.edu
Fri May 8 22:16:38 CEST 2015

On Fri, May 08, 2015 at 08:27:59PM +0200, Frank Morawietz wrote:
> Not yet. Do you think it's a bug?

I can't find the reference to it, but I seem to remember encountering a
bug back in November involving either nested variable expansion or
variable expansion not happening in certain contexts.

That said, I just ran an experiment with 1.3.1 using:
| <package
|     id="jre8"
|     name="Java Runtime Environment 8"
|     revision="%version%"
|     reboot="false"
|     priority="20">
|     <variable name="shortupdatever" value="45" />
|     <variable name="version" value="8.0.%shortupdatever%" />

and it read the version number correctly, trying to upgrade when the
local machine had 44 and downgrade when it had 46, so there must be
something else at work.

> Has anybody else tried the Java 8 installer from <http://wpkg.org/Java>?

Not the same one as you're using, but the package that uses PowerShell
to do its dirty work:


is loosely based on it and is what I use in my environment. No Java
updates have come out since I put it into production, but it handled the
upgrade to 8u45 cleanly in my test environment.

On a related note, if anyone's using my unpack-core.zip hack to deal
with broken Java installations, I discovered it wasn't working (when I
investigated a machine where JRE 7u79 wouldn't uninstall) and put a fix
on the wiki on Wednesday.

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