[wpkg-users] Wifi-Only Clients & Software Deployment

Paul McGrath J.P.McGrath at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Dec 15 15:11:00 CET 2016

Hi Holger,
  Even for our wired connections we have the WPKG Service running in 'Automatic (delayed start)' so it doesn't run until a couple of minutes after the client has made a connection usually via logon.

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more and more clients in our environment no longer have a LAN cable plugged in regularly.
Most of the time, they have a wifi connection. This has some side effects for software deployment with WPKG.
WPKG is executed in the context of the system account trough Group Policy startup scripts (Active Directory), before user login.
But this will only work, if the client already has established a connection to the LAN at this time.
With WIFI, the connection is established after the user has logged in - this is too late :)

How do you manage this in your environment?
Do you use tasks that run in the system context after the user has logged in and are executed as soon as the WIFI connection is established?
How do you avoid conflicts (user tries to execute the program that you want to upgrade right in the middle of the installation process etc.).
How do you give the user feedback about the installation process? If you install software in the system context, the user normally won´t see any messages because of session 0 isolation.


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