[wpkg-users] uninstall problem -- administrator vs. SYSTEM user

Andreas Habel andreas.habel at uis.no
Fri Feb 5 08:56:21 CET 2016


I would like to deploy a package that uninstalls a program that had been installed manually on our PCs, i.e. it had not been installed through WPKG.

The software installs and uninstalls through the InstallAnywhere installer. The command would be

<install cmd='"%PROGRAMFILES%\OpenSpirit\v4.1\Uninstaller\Uninstall.exe" -i silent' />

When I run the command from the command prompt as administrator it works flawlessly. It also works fine when I call wpkg.js through the command "cscript.exe wpkg.js /synchronize". It does not work when run "automatically" through WPKG-GP -- I get the error message

Could not process (install) package 'OpenSpirit 4.1 Remover' (osp41-remover-test):|Exit code returned non-successful value (3000) on command '"%PROGRAMFILES%\OpenSpirit\v4.1\Uninstaller\Uninstall.exe" -i silent'

According to the InstallAnywhere help the exit code 3000 means "Unhandled error specific to a launcher" which is not very helpful.

After trying a lot of different things I opened a SYSTEM user command prompt (as described here: http://wpkg.org/SYSTEM_user_Command_Prompt) and try to uninstall the program manually which did not succeed.

So, a command successfully run as administrator failed as SYSTEM. 

Does anyone know why? Is it possible to run a certain package as administrator or, alternatively, write a package that runs a script as administrator?


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