[wpkg-users] VLC 2.2.2 win32 on x64

Jon Rhoades jrhoades at svi.edu.au
Thu Feb 11 11:47:45 CET 2016


The VLC installer is pretty terrible and as you can see from the wiki there are many different approaches to getting it working.

Personally, I just gave up and downloaded the VLC zip file, which I then package myself in Inno Setup - so I know that the install and uninstaller will work reliably every time.

Cheers Jon

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Hi fellow wpkg'ers,

The update for VLC 2.2.2 (haven't tried earlier versions with wpkg, 
though) failed on my Windows 7 test machines. And it seems that 
vlc-2.2.2-win32.exe does not or not always install on x64 Windows 7. 
Once I changed the .xml to install the x64 it worked.

Symptoms I saw: Installer always returned 0, but VLC was not 
installed. On one machine I tried to run it manually and 
interactively. Then it bailed out telling me an instance of VLC was 
running and had to be quit.

-- Andreas


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