[wpkg-users] Problem with wmi command on XP SP3

Frank Morawietz nestolea at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 22:12:57 CET 2016

Stefan Pendl schrieb:

>>> No need to. Just don't forget to append the /accepteula command-line
>>> switch to psexec.
>> thanks for revealing this secret command line switch! I couldn't find it
>> in PSExec's help nor in the documentation on the Sysinternals Website...
> In most cases running the utility in a command prompt with the /? help
> switch will list the appropriate usage information ;-)
> Example: psexec /?

Well, that's what I meant with PSExec's help. Mine doesn't list it.
Maybe it just appeared in recent versions and I need to update my PSTools...

Frank Morawietz

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