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--- Comment #5 from Robl <robl at grrl.lib.mn.us> ---

Thank you so much for the quick responses. So I kind of thought it may be
something like this so what we tried to do was change the way our batch file
executed wpkg.js. I have included what that file looks like:

echo %DATE% %TIME% > c:\temp\maint_status.log 2>&1
whoami >> c:\temp\maint_status.log 2>>&1
echo %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% >> c:\temp\maint_status.log 2>>&1

%windir%\SysWOW64\cscript.exe /b /nologo \\DOMAIN\wpkg\wpkg.js /synchronize
/quiet /nonotify /noreboot >> c:\temp\maint_status.log 2>>&1
whoami >> c:\temp\maint_status.log 2>>&1

So we believe we are executing the 64bit cscript.exe (previously it had been
%windir%\System32\cscript.exe). I have never used %Systemroot%\sysnative\ but
it seems to return path not found for me.

With that being said can I use the same command above to execute the wrapper.js
instead of the wpkg.js without problems?

As for the second point about permissions; Do you know how I would check if
this is the case, when WPKG runs the check on the registry files doesn't this
happen under the Local System context? I would imagine it having permissions to
the HKLM registry hive, but admittedly haven't done any looking at this.

Thanks again!

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