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--- Comment #9 from Robl <robl at grrl.lib.mn.us> ---

Okay I think I understand now. So basically I have this going on:

Deep Freeze's Batch program (Built into the software somehow) is triggered
which then triggers a batch file which then triggers wpkg.js. Even if I use
64bit version of cscript it will run in 32 bit because it is being opened using
a 32bit cmd program, which even if it was launched in 64bit mode, it would also
be converted to 32bit since it's highly likely that Deep Freezes "Batch
Launcher" is also in 32bit mode. 

So in order to stop this chain I can use %windir%\SysWOW64\cscript.exe /b
/nologo \\DOMAIN\wpkg\wrapper.js which will then choose the proper mode in
which to launch wpkg.js and will override the architecture it was launched in
and just pick the correct version.

Is this correct?

That being said I'm a little curious as to why this actually doesn't work when
running 32bit cscript? When I dug into the wpkg.js a little bit to try
troubleshooting it looks as if the uninstall check uses the scanUninstallKeys
function which is suppose to determine which registry hive it's searching
through. This check relies on a function called is64bit() which is then reliant
on getArchitecture which should be looking at the processor_architecture. 

So regardless of what the architecture of the launching programs is shouldn't
it still check that Registry Hive for the sole reason that the processor is
64bit? I know I have to be missing something but this is the first time I've
had to look into this.

Thank you for all the help and enlightenment!

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