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--- Comment #2 from Rainer Meier <r.meier at wpkg.org> ---
OK, I have set up Windows Vista Business x64 and I was able to reproduce the
issue. Somehow the OS detection fails when the langugage for
unicode-incompatible applications is set to "Chinese (traditional, Honkgong

I don't know yet why the WMI query fails as it does not seem to fail for many
other languages.

However I can implement a workaround detecting "unknown" host OS. As a result
WPKG on such machines would not be able to use filters based on OS string but
everything else should work as expected.

I will spend some more time to investigate whether host OS could be detected by
slightly modifying the queries perhaps.

Meanwhile a small code change in function "getHostOS()" would help:

function getHostOS() {
    if (hostOs == null) {
        var strComputer = ".";
        var strQuery = "Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem";
        try {


function getHostOS() {
    if (hostOs == null) {
        var hostOs = "unknown";
        var strComputer = ".";
        var strQuery = "Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem";
        try {

This makes WPKG fallback to "unknown" host status rather than "null" value when
host OS string detection fails.

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