[wpkg-users] New version of WPKG-GP Mod and Client

Nils Thiele it.service.kultur at uni-hamburg.de
Fri Jul 21 11:46:19 CEST 2017


With the old version of my wpkg-gp there was a problem with packages 
that used execute checks. As the implemented query function used the 
wpkg dryrun mode to check for updates those packages were marked as not 
installed because the checks were not executed.

The dryrun flag was only used to not alter the file date of wpkg.xml as 
the client used this date to check if it should inform the user to sync 
there system.

wpkg-gp now writes the date of the last successful sync (if no errors 
occured) to the registry and the client uses this value instead othe 
file date.

You can grab the latest releases here:


No other changes were implemented.

I am aware of the makemsi problem, and it seems to be related to the 
fact that i am compiling the files on a windows 8.1 system at the 
moment. Makemsi works fine on those versions of windows and up (tested 
several windows 10 clients). Only on windows 7 the program crashes.  (at 
least in my environment). I will setup a windows 7 vm soon and check if 
compiling the files on this will fix the error as i cant figure out 
another solution at the moment.

Im also still planning to develop a custom notification system so the 
duration and appearance can be configured using the client config 
instead of windows user settings. But this will take time.

If you encouter any problems please report them to the mailinglist, 
write me an email or post them on github.

Best Regards,


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