[wpkg-users] php7 issue with wpkgexpress - still users out there?

Daniel Högele - adelphi hoegele at adelphi.de
Thu Oct 5 11:13:33 CEST 2017


I wonder if there are still users of wpkgexpress (or fork wpkgexpress-ng) out there? I know that the code has not been updated for a long time but for me it's still working fine.
php5 reaches EOL next year, therefore all newer linux distributions are switching to php7. I made some test on Debian 9 and unfortunately noticed that wpkgexpress has massive problems with php7. Our php developer has already tried to fix these problems but because of the unusual cake implementation (and modifications) he wasn't successful.

Did someone had a look into the code too? Maybe the developer of the fork? Any plans to make it php7 compatible?

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