[wpkg-users] About Discord server

Falko Trojahn wpkg at trojahn.de
Fri Oct 13 20:12:43 CEST 2017

Hello Paul,

there are lots of people using WPKG every day. If you would make clear
what problems you have with it (if any?), you could get support here
on the mailing list for sure.

Wpkg is feature complete and as nobody seems to have issues with it,
there's no need to build unneeded features or make updates just for

Please read Rainer's explanation e.g. here

If there are issues with Wpkg-Client or Wpkg-GP, which are contributions
to the wpkg project, you could just contact their authors, or ask
on this list, too.

Have a look at the growing silent installers list at wpkg.org, too
https://wpkg.org/Special:AllPages - not every installer must be
there with it's latest version number, as each should be adapted
to your local needs.

Best regards,

Paul Rock schrieb am 07.10.2017 um 14:02:
> Hello the community!
> After a brief conversation with Daniel Högele and Brian White, and also 
> checked the repositories and read some part of the archives of the 
> community, I came to the conclusion that the WPKG project is in the 
> dying state and this is a very bad, because the WPKG at this moment is 
> still the ONLY ONE completed system for installing software on many 
> workstations (with windows).
> Therefore, I want to invite those who are still interested in the WPKG 
> project on the Discord server, here https://discord.gg/vRjVfHK is the 
> invitation.
> I hope for the further development of this wonderful project!
> -- 
> Best regards, Paul Rock
> Email: paul at drteam.rocks <mailto:paul at drteam.rocks>
> Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvilFreelancer
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