[wpkg-users] About Discord server

Chris chris33489 at posteo.de
Sat Oct 14 13:50:33 CEST 2017

Hello Stefan,

Thanks for your opinion on this.

Am 14.10.2017 11:36 schrieb Stefan Pendl:
> Why should I register on another site, just to have things added that
> I might not even need?

Github makes everything *easier* and more transparent, especially for 
new contributors but IMHO also the project maintainers. No need to 
handle a legacy VCS and generate patches that need to get attached to 
issues in a seaprate bugtracker system, where someone needs to pick them 
up by hand for review.

Or to say it with the word of Linus Tovalds: "Project hosting used to be 
painful, and with git and GitHub it’s just so trivial to do a [...] 
small project."

> I have seen projects moving from one source repository to another and
> finally they vanished. I would like to avoid this for WPKG from a
> users point of view.

I think this has more to do with the fact if a project has been actively 
maintained or not. Most legacy platforms for source repositories have 
been discontinued (i.e. Google Code, Microsoft CodePlex, etc) and with 
them a large number of "unmaintained" projects where no one cared to 
move them somewhere else. For some reason sourceforge is still there, 
but it's in a bad shape (ads everywhere, has been down for several days 
earlier this year) and the whole SVN workflow seems clunky and it's just 
not what people are used to these days.

My point is: The git and github flow could make it easier for new users 
to contribute, which could help to gain more contribution for the 
project by its users. And also for the project maintainers to keep up 
once there are more merge requests than today. A move of the sources and 
the issues shouldn't be too hard.


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