[wpkg-users] Package for Chrome

Steve Kersley steve.kersley at keble.ox.ac.uk
Thu Aug 27 09:49:31 CEST 2020

Thanks both, switching to file checking seems to work from limited testing – didn’t think of that!
Also changed my uninstall method to more like yours, rather than a series of uninstall attempts against a list of ProductIDs which had to be edited with each release.  I’m sure I tried the simple approach before but it didn’t work after being upgraded, but seems to work now (and let’s face it, with a core app like that, it’s not likely to need removing).

Apologies for breaking email threading 😊  For some reason emails to the list stopped coming to me a few months back so only able to see them via the archive!  I had a hazy memory that I might have unsubscribed, but according to the web interface for the list, it’s still enabled.  *shrug* one of those things!

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