[sheepdog-users] qemu-img convert and messages in sheep.log

Valerio Pachera sirio81 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 08:41:40 CET 2014

When I convert a qcow2/raw I get the below messages in sheepd.log.
The are not error or warnings.
Is something I have to care about?

I'm running branch snapshot-object-reclaim

Feb 25 07:58:21   INFO [main] rx_main(775) req=0x2ed4c10, fd=21,
client=::1:39935, op=NEW_VDI, data=(not string)
Feb 25 07:58:22   INFO [main] tx_main(827) req=0x2ed4c10, fd=21,
client=::1:39935, op=NEW_VDI, result=00
Feb 25 08:00:00   INFO [main] rx_main(775) req=0x3009340, fd=22,
client=::1:39945, op=NEW_VDI, data=(not string)
Feb 25 08:00:00   INFO [main] tx_main(827) req=0x3009340, fd=22,
client=::1:39945, op=NEW_VDI, result=00
Feb 25 08:03:56   INFO [main] rx_main(775) req=0x7fd020000b60, fd=22,
client=::1:39950, op=NEW_VDI, data=(not string)
Feb 25 08:03:57   INFO [main] tx_main(827) req=0x7fd020000b60, fd=22,
client=::1:39950, op=NEW_VDI, result=00
Feb 25 08:17:39   INFO [main] rx_main(775) req=0x7fd0200008e0, fd=22,
client=::1:39955, op=NEW_VDI, data=(not string)
Feb 25 08:17:39   INFO [main] tx_main(827) req=0x7fd0200008e0, fd=22,
client=::1:39955, op=NEW_VDI, result=00
Feb 25 08:21:12   INFO [main] rx_main(775) req=0x7fd020000ef0, fd=22,
client=::1:39960, op=NEW_VDI, data=(not string)
Feb 25 08:21:12   INFO [main] tx_main(827) req=0x7fd020000ef0, fd=22,
client=::1:39960, op=NEW_VDI, result=00

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