[sheepdog] [PATCH v3 2/2] sheep: implement atomic create and write mechanism for config

Hitoshi Mitake mitake.hitoshi at gmail.com
Tue Apr 16 11:00:05 CEST 2013

At Tue, 16 Apr 2013 16:42:46 +0800,
Liu Yuan wrote:
> On 04/16/2013 04:28 PM, Hitoshi Mitake wrote:
> > +	snprintf(tmp_config_path, len, "%s" CONFIG_PATH ".tmp", base_path);
> Why not remove this tmp_config_path too? We should always use global
> variable as less as much. Only write_config() and check_tmp_config()
> need it, and both of them can deduce tmp_config_path from config_path,
> so I think it is better to get tmp path on the fly instead of a global
> variable.

Ah, I see. Let's remove the variable. I'll send v4 later.


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