[wpkg-users] wpkg & vista ?

Torsten Geile geile at oekonet-bremen.de
Tue Mar 27 09:13:41 CEST 2007

Tomasz Chmielewski schrieb:
> Torsten Geile schrieb:
> (...)
>>> Solving this is quite easy; you just need to fire up a command 
>>> prompt using the Run As Admin setting and use the msiexec command line:
>>>     msiexec /i "tfs power tools.msi"
>> Running msiexec -i "wpkgsetup.msi" takes my a little further within 
>> the installtion process, than just double clicking on the file, even 
>> so the admin account is used whe double clicking.
> What do you mean by "takes my a little further"?
Well, during first try after the second dialog installation canceled, 
afterwards I got to the point, where I could enter parameters for wpkg.
> OK, one more question :)
> Was the "%PROGRAMFILES%\wpkg" directory created when this happened?
> If so, can you see what's inside (or, you can't, because it has no 
> permissions)?
as a regular User I do not have permissions and even with admin rights I 
am not allowed to enter. Cant believe howMicrosoft messed up with Vista. 
I am starting to really think of switching back to XP. There one at 
least can controll access rights.

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