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mscdex mscdex at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 20:48:32 CEST 2008

First off I'd like to thank the developer(s) of WPKG for all the hard work
they've put into this. WPKG has proven to be extremely useful for a network
I'm currently setting up.

Recently while I was setting this network and WPKG up, I thought it would be
nice to have a message window of sorts display to inform the user of what
was happening while WPKG was executing. I noticed the messenger service is
currently used to inform the user of status updates, but it seemed to take
awhile to receive the message plus it'd be nice to have something that
didn't depend on the messenger service and looked a bit nicer.

So a few days ago or so I set out to code something in jscript that would
accomplish just this. My solution makes use of Internet Explorer automation
and works for IE5.00 through IE7 (on both Win2k (no/any service packs) and
WinXP (tested with SP2)). The code could use some more work and I may clean
it up and continue work on it in the following days, but I was mainly
concerned about it displaying the same for all mentioned browser versions.

My message box solution right now features the ability to simply specify an
(optional) "title bar"/header as well as the message text. Both the
background and foreground colors of the header and message text can be set,
and the message text can be optionally centered.

One last thing, on systems with IE7 installed I had to incorporate a
workaround to get messages to look like they do in IE5 through IE6. The
reason for this is because with IE7, there has been a security check put in
place to keep scripts on websites from resizing less than 250px wide and
100px tall (and from setting certain unallowed window positions).
Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a way to get around this using pure WSH
scripting so I wrote a tiny little AutoIt script (and compiled it to exe
form) that bypasses said limitations and it only executes when IE7 is

If anyone is interested in what I currently have, let me know and I'll see
if I can host it somewhere.
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