[wpkg-users] Ugly perl script to check if packages are installed on a set of workstations.

Falko Trojahn nospam_ft at smi-softmark.de
Wed Jun 18 15:16:36 CEST 2008

Hello Chris,

> I was going to wait, and clean up this script, but I don't think I will
> ever come back to it.
> I use this program to send a list to our desktop techs about which
> computer are out of compliance.
> I would love any feedback or improvements from anyone, or if you have a
> better way to get this type of information.
Thanx again for this nice script, it does it's work - and this is worth
the effort.

But I have one problem with the script, perhaps you can help me.

If I have two hosts definitions in hosts.xml, one special for a certain
host and one with regex for all common hosts, the report.pl prints
out the special host missing the remaining packages from the common
profile which shouldn't be installed on the special host.

To be clearer - an example:

packages common to all hosts

packages for the special host without e.g. acrobat8 which is included in
profile1 for the common hosts

hosts definitions:

<host name="ws-0026" profile-id="profile2" />
<host name="ws-.+" profile-id="profile1" />

report.pl gives:
WS-0026:  acrobat8 DBv: 5 PCv:

Any hints?

thanx in advance

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