[wpkg-users] Empty remove command

Rainer Meier r.meier at wpkg.org
Tue Nov 22 13:38:14 CET 2011

Hi Jonathan,

On 22.11.2011 12:34, VERDEYEN Jonathan wrote:
> About .NET Framework, it is installed on all our computers by WSUS, my point in making Dynamics AX depend on it is to make sure it's installed or force its installation before installing Dynamics AX (on a newly installed computer for exemple).
> But then there might be other software not managed by WPKG or even drivers that need it so I'd rather not have WPKG uninstall it, I guess I will either put it in a "base" profile or use some trick to prevent the uninstall.

For me this looks likeyou dont want to use WPKG to manage the .NET framework at 
all. So it might be the best solution not to create a WPKG package and set 
dependencies. Instead you could simply call the .NET installer as one of the 
install commands of your application.

The .NET installer will quit almost immediately if it finds .NET already 
installed. So just in case you install your application on a machine which does 
not yet have .NET via WSUS it will install it; else it will just skip this step.

Alternatively you can define a condition for the .NET installer command in your 
application so the .NET installer is only called if the condition is met (e.g. 
uninstall entry for .NET profile not existing).


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