[wpkg-users] hostname matching

Gerd Ott gerdott at taz.de
Mon Feb 22 14:52:01 CET 2021

Stefan Pendl schrieb:
> Am 17.02.2021 um 20:18 schrieb Gerd Ott:
>> Hi,
>> Every now and then i have an issue with hosts installing software from a
>> wrong profile.
>> I found out that if you have a configuration like the following in the
>> hosts.xml:
>> <host hostname="bert" profile-id="win10_base" />
>> <host hostname="liberti" profile-id="win10_advanced" />
>> then host liberti will install all the packages of profile win10_base,
>> because it finds "bert" before finding "liberti"
>> Is this a misconfiguration or a bug?
> It is a problem of your configuration.
> WPKG uses regular expressions for matching.
> If you need an exact match use "^bert$" instead of "bert".
> For further information check
> https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Guide/Regular_Expressions
> or the MSDN site.
> Hope this helps.
Thank you, that helped!

I am using regular expressings in the hosts.xml in other sections, but
thought wpkg would only match a regex-hostname, if  it does not find
exact matching.

See the bottom in https://wpkg.org/Regular_expression_support , might be

Anyway, I'm still very happy with wpkg, using it now for almost 15 years
in a mixed environment with about 150 workstations.


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