[wpkg-users] Q: Is there a way to 'clean up' the WPKG installed packages database?

John H Nyhuis jnyhuis at uw.edu
Tue Apr 19 19:33:09 CEST 2022

A big Thank you to both Adam and Peter!

The /dryrun option is exactly what I am looking for!

With a mechanism to test, I will be much more comfortable making changes.


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On 4/18/2022 2:56 PM, John H Nyhuis wrote:
> Is there a way to clean up the WPKG installed software database (control 
> file)?
> On one of our servers, WPKG thinks Adobe Acrobat 2017 (acrobatpro2017) 
> is installed, but that app was removed from WPKG and uninstalled from 
> the server years ago.
> The acrobatpro2017 package does not appear in any of our WPKG profiles, 
> having long since been replaced with our acrobatpro2020 package.
> However, WPKG still keeps checking for the existence of the 
> acrobatpro2017 package.  (see wpkg-start.log below)
> Is there a command that can be run to clean up the installed software 
> database, so WPKG does not keep wasting time with packages that have 
> been removed?

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