[debian-non-standard] USB-Stick not active after flashing

Thomas Ohms sm_debian at lokarabia.ath.cx
Thu Jun 26 20:58:41 CEST 2008

Am Mittwoch, den 25.06.2008, 21:19 +0300 schrieb Luci Stanescu:
> Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> > 1. Power off the device, press the reset button, power on the device, 
> > release the reset button
> > 2. On of the LEDs should blink
> > 3. The device will have the address - can you ping it? 
> > Obviously, you need an address in the same network if your computer is 
> > connected directly with a cable (IP like
> > 4. If you can ping it, you should be able to upload the firmware. I use:
> On my Asus WL500G Premium I've had a little bit of problem with this. 
> First, the power led blinks slowly even if I release the reset button 
> immediately. That won't work though. I have to keep it a few seconds 
> (5-10 would do). Then, it seems this just doesn't work every time :-). I 
> always did succeed on my second try though. I flashed it at least 20 
> times until I got myself a 2.4 kernel running with debian. Works 
> perfectly now, wireless too (well, a few minor issues, but only if I'm 
> not careful ;-) ).
> --
> Luci Stanescu

        That sounds quite interesting. You wrote that you flashed it
        about 20
        times until you got it working. Have you had the same result
        than I
        do(inactive USB port and stable power led)?
        You said that the power LED is blinking faster. Maybe this is
        to the Deluxe, but that only happens if I restart the router
        switching power off. Also that's the only time I get something
        transferred (if I'm fast enough). Maybe here is the point. Maybe
        I don't
        need to power it off and just need to restart to upload the
        By the way would you send me your kernel version?

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