[debian-non-standard] USB-Stick not active after flashing

Luci Stanescu luci at cnix.ro
Thu Jun 26 21:25:24 CEST 2008

Thomas Ohms wrote:
>         That sounds quite interesting. You wrote that you flashed it
>         about 20
>         times until you got it working. Have you had the same result
>         than I
>         do(inactive USB port and stable power led)?
I compiled my own kernel, version using kamikaze (it builds the
 tools needed to compile for mips). I also did the debootstrap (second
stage directly on the router, with openwrt). Since I forgot a few things
 I had to do the process quite a few times. The only problem which I
couldn't resolve was that I forgot about the need for a rootdelay
parameter (which the kernel on site has set), so I joined this mailing list.

The kernel on site booted without problems, but I wanted wireless (not
supported on 2.6 with broadcom wireless).

>         You said that the power LED is blinking faster. Maybe this is
>         different
>         to the Deluxe, but that only happens if I restart the router
>         without
>         switching power off.
No, it's supposed to blink slowly. And it does if I keep the reset
button pressed while switching it off and on. But sometimes, even though
 it blinks like its supposed to, I still can't upload (doesn't even
reply to ping).
Also that's the only time I get something
>         transferred (if I'm fast enough). Maybe here is the point. Maybe
>         I don't
>         need to power it off and just need to restart to upload the
>         firmware?!
I really don't know this. For me, if I could ping it, then I could
upload an image.

>         By the way would you send me your kernel version?
Here, I just put them in:

The archive contains my system (hope I didn't forget anything around
there). It probably doesn't contain my last modifications so some
scripts from /etc/network/scripts which I put don't work. The system is
a bit big because debian has lots and lots of stuff in /usr/share/doc
and /usr/share/locale (which you can safely delete, though you should
also modify the files in /var/lig/dpkg/info so dpkg doesn't complain).

You should make sure the upload process goes well, though. Test with an
image known to work, like openwrt first until you sort your uploading

>         Thomas

Luci Stanescu

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