[sheepdog-users] run vm on recovering node

Valerio Pachera sirio81 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 11:57:49 CET 2012

Hi, I run a windows7 guest on the 4th node of my cluster.
I kiled 1th node.
I made copy/paste of few file on desktop.
Restarted sheep on the 1th node and turned off the guest while node 1
was recovering.
Still during the recovery, I started the same guest on node 1.
*The guest was able to start but there was no file on the desktop.*
I turned off the guest, waited couple of minutes.
Recovery on node 1 was still running, then *I started the guest again
on node 4 and the file were on the desktop*.
Once again, turned off the guest on node 4, waited for node 1 to
complete the recovery and started the guest on node 1...*NO file on
the desktop!*
I run 'collie vdi check win7' on node 1 (it took 20 minutes) and the
guest is still not showing file on the desktop.
The disk check didn't show any output.

*I thought there maybe a disk corruption but not to see the same disk
behaving like two different disks.*

--So, do not run anything from a node that is recovering, right?--

I try to do it the right way this time:
>From node 1:
  collie node kill 0
  rm -r /mnt/sheepdog/*
  rm /mnt/sdb1/sdj/*  (the journal)
  sheep -j dir=/mnt/sdb1/sdj,size=512 -w object:size=20000 /mnt/sheepdog
  wait till the recovery is done
  run the guest from node 1 to be sure it shows the files no the desktop...
  ...NO files! And windows is complaining about some file missing and
to run check disk.
  Restarting the guest on node 4, file are present on the desktop.

I guess in a situation like that we can only re-format the cluster, right?

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