[sheepdog-users] Upgrade from 0.4.0 to 0.5.0?

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Sat Sep 22 20:44:59 CEST 2012


I'm currently running sheepdog 0.4.0. As now sheepdog has been released
version 0.5.0 so I have tried upgrading my cluster.

My sheepdog cluster consist of 3 servers, each with a gateway (port 7000)
and a storage node (port 7001) using corosync cluster driver format with 2
copies. I tried upgrading my test cluster (with same configuration) using
the following steps:

1) stop all running VMs
2) execute 'collie cluster shutdown'
3) compile sheepdog 0.5.0 using './configure --prefix=/opt/sheep
--enable-corosync' , make and make install followed
4) start the gateway back with command '/opt/sheep/sbin/sheep -g -p 7000
/var/sheepdog/gw' (use same command with v0.4.0)
5) start storage node with command '/opt/sheep/sbin/sheep -p 7001
/var/sheepdog/disk1' (use same command with v0.4.0)

At step 4, I found that when I start all gateway, the cluster is in state
'Waiting for other nodes to join cluster' which is expected. But when I
start 2 out of 3 storage nodes in step 5, the cluster state changed to
'running' and the recovery process started without waiting for node 3 to
join the cluster back. This cause my (test) data stored in sheepdog
currupted and the VM cannot start as some important data is lost.

I tested the cluster restart process for sheepdog 0.4.0 (step 1,2,4,5
without changing the sheepdog binary version) and it has no problem. So I
think it's from the upgrade procedure that 'should have' something more to
do (like converting something like upgrading from 0.3.0 to 0.4.0?)

Please tell me if I miss something in the upgrade process.

Thanks and regards,

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