[sheepdog-users] Setting an alternate binding address

Liu Yuan namei.unix at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 17:31:22 CEST 2013

On 04/02/2013 09:25 PM, Werner van der Walt wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. I am using the latest 0.5.6 and when I look at the
> man pages for sheep then there is no -b option to use. I had a look at
> using the -h option and then it lists -b but it doesn't give a proper
> explanation and syntax. What is the full syntax for the -b option? I
> just used sheep -b but if I do a collie node info and collie
> cluster info then it still shows the original bind address from
> corosync? Will I be able to check somewhere what the actual listening
> address is? Is this a config setting that can be changed while the
> cluster is running (maybe using sheepfs?) or must you start sheep with
> it when starting the cluster?

No, you can't change the listen port at runtime currently. As you are
aware, documentation is kind of out of date and volunteer patch is
always highly welcome especially for documentation, either for man page
and our github wiki page.

-b IP is the full syntax. '-b' is used to bind the IP address of NIC you
want to listen to, and '-y' is the option that you want other sheep use
to connect to this sheep.

So in your case, you might need (assume you have to bind) to
set '-b -y'

> I also read through all the wiki info again that I can find and do not
> see any more details around the gateway option and what it allows you to
> do and how it functions?

Gateway only sheep means that this sheep doesn't store VM data on this
node at all. It purely function as a gateway to route the VM requests to
other sheep that is supposed to store VM replicated data.

> Apologies about all the questions but once I have a full grasp over how
> everything functions I can write a proper set up guide to get sheepdog
> running on Ubuntu server nodes as backend storage working with Proxmox.

This is always highly appreciated and feel free to edit our wiki (you
simply need to register a github account)


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