[sheepdog-users] Couple of Questions

Brendan Johnson bjohnson at paragusit.com
Sat Dec 21 20:37:46 CET 2013

I am new to Sheepdog.   I just setup a 10 node Sheepdog cluster and I have a couple of questions:

1.       Currently each server has one disk partition mounted at /var/lib/sheepdog.    If I want to use more than one partition do I run one sheepdog process per disk partition?

2.       What is the best way to configure remote machines to access the Sheepdog cluster?  Simply pointing the remote machines to one of the nodes would work but if that node goes down the remote machine will lose access to the Sheepdog cluster even though the cluster itself hasn't gone down.   I was thinking haproxy might be used to provide HA and load balance requests between the Sheepdog nodes.



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