[sheepdog-users] sheepdog vs ceph question

Walid Moghrabi walid.moghrabi at lezard-visuel.com
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Well, performance wise, I didn't see much differences betwwen both but Sheepdog is by far easier to configure, use and maintain. 
I also see a big difference in performance while doing a recover from a failing node. 
It might certainly be fine tuned but with default settings, node recovery with Ceph is extremely ressource hungry and if your network and ios are not properly separated, it does impact performances a lot (but it recovers faster). 
Sheepdog on the other side is really great when it comes to recovery, impacts are very low and even on common hardware, and even without splitting networks, you can use your VMs with a slight performance penalty but this is really not a big problem. 

Personnaly, I use both and I have a slight preference on Sheepdog. 

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hello, I want to using sheepdog and ceph for qemu, 
Do you have report on the performance test comparing the sheepdog and ceph ? thank you. 
by the way, is Taobao.Inc use sheepdog for production ? 
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