[sheepdog-users] Locking problems on 0.9

Micha Kersloot micha at kovoks.nl
Thu Nov 6 17:36:09 CET 2014


nobody an idea about this problem ? 

Met vriendelijke groet, 

Micha Kersloot 

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> Subject: [sheepdog-users] Locking problems on 0.9

> Hi,

> I've setup a 0.9 version of sheepdog next to the existing 0.8.3 version. I
> used qemu-img to convert images from the 'old' version to the new one. Now I
> try to start a VM, but that fails on:

> cannot get vdi info, VDI is already locked, kovoks-debian7-compile 0

> When I use
> #/root/sheep/usr/sbin/dog vdi lock list -p 7001
> it shows:

> VDI | owner node
> kovoks-debian7-compile | IPv4 ip: port:7001

> So it is locked. I remove the lock by issuing:
> #/root/sheep/usr/sbin/dog vdi lock unlock kovoks-debian7-compile -p 7001
> and it doesn't show in the lock list anymore. But when I start qemu-kvm it
> still fails with the same error and the lock list shows the vdi is locked
> again.

> ehh.. help?

> Met vriendelijke groet,

> Micha Kersloot

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