[sheepdog-users] Fwd: [sheepdog] Update of "Getting started" docs on Github wiki

Björn Pettersson bjorn at undef.io
Sun Sep 28 15:14:12 CEST 2014


I made a minor change based on your feedback, I'll go back to the other
stuff once I feel more familiar with Sheepdog in general.

* Valerio Pachera <sirio81 at gmail.com> [2014-09-27 23:16:59]:
> You may also want to read the Administrator Manual
> http://www.sheepdog-project.org/doc/
> There are the same information you find in the wiki but more verbose and
> hopefully easier to understand for a new user.

Oh, the first hit on Google on Sheepdog I found was this one:

Which makes it look like the only docs are here:

And now I found this page based on your link:

I'm also apparently not that good at following GitHub wikis. I just
found the Home wiki page in your project. It looks like you have a lot
of good information in there, it's just a bit hard to follow. I don't
mean to critizise you for this, I think that's more about the way GitHub
does this.

What I can suggest is to make a statement about what the different sites
are about, and mention the different sites on the other ones. What's the
purpose of the wiki? What's the purpose of /doc? Et cetera. Should some
things be merged or moved? Should not the Getting started be a part of
the Administrator Manual?

Is sheepdog-project.org replacing the sheepdog.github.io page? Can the
latter maybe be removed or start acting as a redirect in that case?

Also, I think you probably want to make the sheepdog-project.org website
use English and not Italian by default. :)

I'm pretty sure you're probably already thinking about this, just
thought I'd tell you what I think as a new user. :)


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