[sheepdog-users] [ANNOUNCE] sheepdog stable release v0.9.5_rc1

Takashi Menjo menjo.takashi at lab.ntt.co.jp
Wed Feb 22 08:38:10 CET 2017

Hi sheepdog-users,

I released sheepdog stable release v0.9.5_rc1.
You can download source code from the below link:

At [Mar 1, 15:00 (GMT+9)], v0.9.5_rc1 will be v0.9.5 officially
if there are no complains and no serious new issues.

CHANGELOG (diff from v0.9.5_rc0; see the link above for fulltext):

### Distributed deadlock

Distributed deadlock tends to occue when many requests causing update
of reference count (eg: writing to the working VDI whose snapshot has
been taken; or deleting such a working VDI or its snapshot) come to
the Sheepdog cluster in parallel and the number of threads handling
such requests is too small. In such a case, alive as a process, the
sheep cannot handle some kind of requests at all, such as read, write
and remove objects.

Workaround: set the number of threads for *gateway* and *io*
workqueues large enough. It's recommended that you set it to larger
than twice of *N* for *gateway* and larger than *N* for *io*. Here,
*N* is the number of VDIs in the cluster copied-on-write or deleted
in parallel.

See #362 and #368 for more information.

## 0.9.5 (release candidate)

- Ledger objects are now updated synchronously. This makes it easy
   for us to estimate the necessary number of threads for avoiding
   distributed deadlock, in exchange for performance of copy-on-write,
   including deleting VDI.

Takashi Menjo <menjo.takashi at lab.ntt.co.jp>

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