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Cristian Del Carlo cristian.delcarlo at targetsolutions.it
Fri Nov 17 15:35:38 CET 2017


I agree with you that it would be helpful a little more detail about the
type of installation.

In the same document on page 3 it is mentioned installations in :

• Alibaba (CHN), Taobao (CHN), Extensys (ITA), A.T.WORKS (JPN), etc.

Could somene help us to have an idea of how many and what type of


2017-11-17 14:45 GMT+01:00 Raymond Burkholder <ray at oneunified.net>:

> On 17 Nov 2017, at 04:22, Cristian Del Carlo <cristian.delcarlo@
> targetsolutions.it> wrote:
> Why do these doubts about the use in production?
> There is so little traffic in the mail archives, it is hard to tell if
> ‘everything is wonderful and everyone is using it’, or ‘no one knows about
> and no one is using it’.  I have read in slides somewhere that there are
> two Chinese companies using it, one for serving archives, and another for
> something else.  But I don’t see many user success stories.  or blogs, or ….
> Thanks,
> *Cristian *
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