[Sheepdog] Few things

krimson krims0n32 at gmail.com
Sun May 22 13:38:19 CEST 2011

Just ran into another issue, if I abort this operation:

qemu-img convert /dev/vmvg/ub01 sheepdog:ub01

this seems to result in corruption:

# collie vdi list
   name        id    size    used  shared    creation time   vdi id
failed to read a inode header 2701199, 0, 2
failed to read a inode header 10955677, 0, 2
failed to read a inode header 13864185, 0, 2

I have to collie cluster format before I can use the store again.

On 05/22/2011 01:27 PM, krimson wrote:
> Hello,
> First of all, thanks for working on sheepdog, it is a project that 
> looks very promising. I've been following this list for a while now 
> and finally started testing sheepdog yesterday. I have a couple of 
> questions/remarks:
> 1) if I do not specify -l LOG_ERR to the sheep daemon it creates a lot 
> of logging to sheep.log and eats up a lot of CPU in the process, 
> making operations like qemu-img convert and create very very slow. It 
> seems to me LOG_ERR should be the default instead of LOG_INFO ?
> 2) if the sheep store is unavailable (for example the sheepdog device 
> was not mounted), the sheep daemon tends to hang and consume 100% CPU 
> (possibly also to the logging issue). If it gets confused in this way, 
> I have to rm -rf /sheep/* before I can restart the sheep daemon and 
> have it join the cluster again. Perhaps add a little more robustness 
> to this scenario :)
> 3) Is the trac site the proper place to report issues ? If so, it 
> would be nice if you could add the GIT repository to it if possible, 
> so we can browse and see the changes in Timeline :) There seems to be 
> a repository attached right now but the last change was 7 weeks ago 
> which doesn't seem right.
> Thanks again !

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