[Sheepdog] increasing maximum # of open files

MORITA Kazutaka morita.kazutaka at gmail.com
Fri May 27 20:01:54 CEST 2011

At Fri, 27 May 2011 13:09:31 +0900,
Keiichi SHIMA wrote:
> Hello,
> I am now testing sheepdog with 20 nodes, and found that the sheep process uses a lot of sockets and exceeds default # of maximum open files in ubuntu 10.04 environment.
> The attached patch will solve this problem, however, I don't think the patch is very good and the way to go.  Probably the sheep process should dynamically adapt the resource limit based on the # of nodes in the cluster.

Thanks for your report!

Probably we shouldn't change the system-wide value.  I think we should
close the unused (cached) socket descriptors before the sheep daemon
exceeds the resource limit.  We don't need to connect to all nodes

I've added this problem to the bug tracer.



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