[sheepdog] [ANNOUNCE, CAUTION] sheepdog stable release v0.8.1_rc0

Hitoshi Mitake mitake.hitoshi at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 15:46:56 CET 2014

Hi sheepdog users and developers,

I released v0.8.1_rc0 of stable branch. You can download a source
archive from these URLs:
tar.gz: https://github.com/sheepdog/sheepdog/archive/v0.8.1_rc0.tar.gz
zip: https://github.com/sheepdog/sheepdog/archive/v0.8.1_rc0.zip

This update contains a bunch of important improvements related to
packaging, logging, controling under heavy I/O, memory leaks, etc.

I have to emphasis on the point that updating from v0.8.0 to
v0.8.1_rc0 requires "-u" option, because it contains updating store
format. Sorry for inconvenience but the format update is a necessary
change for clusters which store many objects.

If no one disagrees about this release candidate in 2 days, it will be
v0.8.1 officially.

Below is a summary of commits:

Hitoshi Mitake (9):
      sheep: remove fd leak in vdi deletion process
      Merge branch 'stable-0.8' of github.com:sheepdog/sheepdog into stable-0.8
      rpm: make dependencies of zookeeper and fuse packages optional
      deb: create deb package from raw source archive
      sheep: cleaning vdi deletion process, round 2
      sheep: use correct error code in rebae_vdi()
      sheep: prevent starvation of "node kill" requests
      dog: add a new option "-l" to node kill for killing local sheep process
      dog: allow snapshot tags which begin with decimal number

Liu Yuan (10):
      tests/func: fix Copies output due to format change
      sheep: fix some compile errors
      sheep: fix vdi clone operation
      lib/work: kill a possible memory leaker
      sheep/recovery: don't recover object from stale dir with invalid epoch
      sheepfs: disable http interface if http is not enabled
      sheepfs: fix complie error when http isn't enabled
      sheep/md: check oid more strictly in oid ieration
      tests/func: add tests for object misplacement
      sheep/plain_store: move displaced object from read/write operation

MORITA Kazutaka (7):
      sheep: save dw->finish_fd to local variable
      ops: add NULL check of req->op
      sheep: add helper function to make sure that req->data is string
      tests/functional: fix valgrind test
      recovery: fix buffer overflow of rinfo->oids
      sheep: initialize object cache info
      fec: fix buffer overrun

Marcin Mirosław (1):
      lib: Remove executable stack comming from sha1_ssse3.S

Robin Dong (13):
      lib: change xmalloc() to xvalloc() in sd_inode.c
      sheep: go to panic if using unaligned memory in direct-io mode
      sheep: fix error in sheepdog cluster recovery
      lib: fix compiler error in logger.c
      sheep: fix memory leak in _invert_mat()
      sheep: fix memory leak in local_req_async_main()
      sheepfs: add framework for http interface
      sheepfs: implement the http interface of sheepfs by using libcurl
      test: add test-case for http interface of sheepfs
      sheepfs: add check for libcurl in configure.ac
      sheepfs: add support for "rmdir" and "unlink"
      tests/084: add sheepfs http rm test
      sheep/http: check http driver in http_init()

Yoshinori Matsuo (2):
      add INFO level operation logging on each node.
      sheep: changed end of auto-recovery message to notice


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