[sheepdog] Update of "Getting started" docs on Github wiki

Björn Pettersson bjorn at undef.io
Sat Sep 27 12:47:26 CEST 2014

Hi list,

First off I understand you've produced some kick-ass software, and I'd
like to use it myself! Unfortunately the first thing people see is not
the great software, but the documentation. The documentation is
definitely okay, but I think we can make some improvements, and I want
to help!

I'm new to sheepdog and just started to read the Getting started guide.
Most things I understand fine, but some things were a bit unclear and
fuzzy. So I updated the wiki to reflect what I think you mean in a few
places. Please review my changes (link below) so I'm not lying. ;)

But there were other parts where I'm not confident enough to make any
changes. Like these:

> Usually sheepdog and QEMU are installed on every node, and the cluster
> manager on three nodes.

Should this maybe say "and the cluster manager on all nodes"?

> Sheepdog has the back-end store to store the data object persistently
> on the node basis.

I don't really get this, could this be put in another way?

> 2. Boot the virtual machine without sheep daemon started on local node
> <pre>
> $ qemu-system-x86_64 sheepdog:

Should this be "Boot the virtual machine with sheepdog daemon running on
a remote node"?

Other points:

o You use "sheepdog" and "Sheepdog" inconsistently, which one do you
  wish to use? I can probably update it if you let me know.

o Some places says "sheep daemon", should this be "sheepdog daemon"?
  Again, just for the sake of consistency.

Please review the changes I made here:

And please let me know if this is appreciated and if you are interested
in more feedback like this.


Björn Pettersson,

(I'm not on the list so please make sure I get a copy directly if you reply)

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