[sheepdog] Update of "Getting started" docs on Github wiki

Liu Yuan namei.unix at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 05:19:14 CEST 2014

On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 12:47:26PM +0200, Björn Pettersson wrote:
> Hi list,
> First off I understand you've produced some kick-ass software, and I'd
> like to use it myself! Unfortunately the first thing people see is not
> the great software, but the documentation. The documentation is
> definitely okay, but I think we can make some improvements, and I want
> to help!
> I'm new to sheepdog and just started to read the Getting started guide.
> Most things I understand fine, but some things were a bit unclear and
> fuzzy. So I updated the wiki to reflect what I think you mean in a few
> places. Please review my changes (link below) so I'm not lying. ;)
> But there were other parts where I'm not confident enough to make any
> changes. Like these:
> > Usually sheepdog and QEMU are installed on every node, and the cluster
> > manager on three nodes.
> Should this maybe say "and the cluster manager on all nodes"?
> > Sheepdog has the back-end store to store the data object persistently
> > on the node basis.
> I don't really get this, could this be put in another way?

Feel free to make it easier to understand. Logically we have two major
components in Sheep daemon. One is called gateway routing requests, the other
backend store or simply store where we put the data to. Every node running
Sheep daemon will store the data on its local devices, meaning it provides
persistent medium for Sheep daemon store and make the storage as part of
Sheepdog cluster capacity.

We call it backend store because we have gateway as frontend.

> > 2. Boot the virtual machine without sheep daemon started on local node
> > <pre>
> > $ qemu-system-x86_64 sheepdog:
> Should this be "Boot the virtual machine with sheepdog daemon running on
> a remote node"?

Yes, looks better.

> Other points:
> o You use "sheepdog" and "Sheepdog" inconsistently, which one do you
>   wish to use? I can probably update it if you let me know.

Sheepdog is preferable.

> o Some places says "sheep daemon", should this be "sheepdog daemon"?
>   Again, just for the sake of consistency.

Sheep daemon is preferable.

For consistency, I'd suggest we use 'Sheepdog' for the whole cluster, 'Sheep'
for the daemon, and 'Dog' for the admin tool.

> Please review the changes I made here:
> https://github.com/sheepdog/sheepdog/wiki/Getting-Started/_compare/cbc8900aca247a619222425b09bf94538712264e...410e3b4f510f9f1bd73c5fd677a8ef6efea415d9
> And please let me know if this is appreciated and if you are interested
> in more feedback like this.

Thanks a lot! Feel free to make it better read. We are non native English
speaker, so please help on any spots you see it ill-usage.


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