Ang: Re: [Stgt-devel] Re: [Iscsitarget-devel] stgt a new version of iscsi target?

Mike Christie michaelc at
Wed Dec 7 19:38:37 CET 2005

johan at wrote:
>                                         Hi, Mike!
> I, and I suppose a lot of other people, would like know how you look at the
> HW support on the Fc side? I don´t know what you mean now, when you talk
> about HW target support, 

For qlogic FC, it is the same as scst at this point, except we are based 
off the mainline qla2xxx driver. At this point I am in the middle of 
taking a lot of the scst qla code but redone for coding style and our 
framework and the mainlin qlogic driver.

For qlogic iSCSI, I think Tomo is going to buy a card and with qlogic's 
help we are goin gto try and add support. For all qlogic sutff we do not 
have the docs so we are just looking at source in the web and asking the 
qlogic guys.

Christoph also posted a link to the MPT fusion target support and Eric 
at LSI has been nice enough to let me bug him about that driver so we 
hope to get support for the LSI MPT fusion cards.

And maybe one day we can support Emulex. James Smart has been really 
nice in answering my questions, but I am not sure I want to bother him 
eveyrday since I know he is busy woth his day job so maybe I will have 
to go through my work.

if you talk iScsi HBA, TOE HBA, NIC, or Fc HBA, or
> all of them. Since I´m very much on the Fc side, I´m especially interested
> in your developement strategy for Fc. How is your priority list look like?

Right now I am just trying to get what was in scst into tgt. So this 
means qlogic 2xxxx card support first, then mpt, then I will bug qlogic 
about their HW iscsi card and bug my boss to bug emulex. Tomo might be 
working the HW qlogic iscsi card or mpt right now though too. Maybe 
after we have at least qlogic we can try to stablize things (like finish 
adding refcounting, do the eh stuff, redo the MSG_*, fix bugs, etc) and 
then roll a release.

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